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Jan 26, 2013 8:00am PST
best might be john harbaugh of the ravens, he was his position coach for eight years in philadelphia. john is a great special teams guy and knows a lot about kicking and about me, probably. i will look positive and look forward to good things in 2013. >> kaepernick is an instant star after nine starts only. in contrast, you have ravens quarterback who still is not considered an elite quaterback. but he has sent manning and tom brady packing in this post-season. and has thrown eight touchdowns and no picks in the playoffs but it seems like no matter what it is not enough. >> i don't care. there are guys that have to make a living beating on someone and if that is us or me, well, i plan on being around for a while. if you want to continue to do it, i am here. >> the warriors opened in chicago last night and an ex warrior did them in, robinson now playing for the bulls and warriors just 13 points in the first quarter and not better in the second. former warmer robinson had 22, and lee had 23. bulls were up by up to 26, and richard hamilton lobbing for jimmy butler, 103-87 with the bulls
Feb 2, 2013 8:00am PST
always believed in us. that is the most important thing to me. she believed in me and john and took us to games and played catch with us and shot baskets with us. >> no one would fight more than our mom. no matter what the situation was or teach us how to be there for one another. if there was scrape in the neighborhood, she made it clear that we were to have each other's back no matter what. the other thing is very smart, highly intelligent thoughtful lady. we grew up with those kinds of conversations. we might have been talking football with dad in the basement but mom would be talking about world affairs and history and things that were going on in the '70s. mom was tuned into those kinds of things. i think that helped us make us more rounded people. >> reporter: such a neat family no matter what happens. they have made history already and they certainly seem ton enjoying. this speaking of enjoying things i hate to do this. i had to go over to the cafe and my cafe is right here. it's part of the research and mingling with the fans and it's a hot spot for breakfast. i'm going to do t
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2